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Google and Facebook Marketing

Pay Per Click (Also known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC),Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Advertising, Online Advertising ) can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If not managed properly, PPC can burn through your marketing budget in a matter of days. We’ve heard horror stories of mismanged Pay per click accounts, that were poorly optimized costing companies thousands or more for clicks that had nothing to do with their business or the type of customers they wanted to drive to their sites.

When PPC is managed properly though you can deliver targeted potential customers to your site, lower your bounce rate, and see better lead conversion.

What we can do for you

Keyword Discovery and Selection
Campaign Improvement Modification
Ad copy Authoring & Development
PPC Bid & Cost Management
Quality Score Management
Split A/B Ad Testing & Optimization
Landing Pages
Conversion Tracking
Ad Submission
24/7 PPC Monitoring
PPC Reporting

SEO Services

Fuel Online pioneers methods and research into the ever changing search engine landscape and algorithms. We believe in ethical white hat methods, and believe in being honest and upfront with our clients about what they can expect, and setting realistic time frames. It’s very easy to sell someone on false hopes of #1 rankings for all of their terms and in 2 weeks, it’s simply not the truth.

We will analyze your site, your keywords, your niche and industry and set realistic expectations. Our goal is not to disappoint our clients but to over achieve and exceed your SEO expectations.

What we can do for you

Seo Audits, Analysis & Compliance Reports
High Level Competitive Seo Service
Seo Employee / HR Interviewing & Review
Seo Training
Seo Consulting
Corporate SEO Strategy development

Tailored Marketing Tools

From solution design to marketing services, Ad Optima will help you reach your most pressing customer experience goals, from more personalized engagements to increased revenue. Our expert analysts, digital strategists, customer experience designers, developers and technology integrators are all dedicated to your succes.

What we can do for you

custom tailored marketing tools

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As a digital marketing agency, Social Aves ensures every step is taken to promote clients’ products/services to the fullest. We have proven record and rankings on Digital Marketing.

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